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Olivia Adams - Bubbles

Olivia Adams - Bubbles
Olivia is seated in a chair and the camera is actually looking down onto her shaved pussy and clitoris. The camera is pretty close to her pussy, too. She pulls her pussy juice out and smears it all over her clitoris. She finger flicks with only her index finger back and forth. She has a little tuft of closely cropped pubic hair on her mound. She goes back to flicking her clitoris from side-to-side with her index finger. The juices are flowing out of her pussy and she likes to pull them out and allow them to flow and drip and lubricate. She works her index finger quickly over her clitoris. Her labia are swelling quite nicely. She moves the camera in quite close, pulls back on her mound and works her finger tip, fast, across her clitoris. The juices are running out of her pussy and dangling between her bare thighs as she pans the camera out a bit. Now back in for a closer view once more, we can see the pussy juice bubbling around her clitoris and labia. She manipulates her enlarged and wet clitoris between her index and middle fingers, putting a gentle squeeze on it that leaves Olivia moaning. She finger flicks from side to side, rocking and moaning. She pauses. Dips her finger into all the dripping, clear, wet, juices - smearing them all around and letting it flow from her vagina. She is so close to cumming. She pulls back on her mound then barely touches her clitrois with just her fingertip. She pulls back on her mound again. Then one finger lightly strokes her clitoris. Light and small circular motions on her clitoris, then Olivia says, "Oh, I'm going to cum! Oh, yeah! Ahhhh." And cum she does! It's a nice pulling, popping, visible orgasm - yet again! The contractions and twitching continues as she sits back to recover.

9 minutes 10 seconds | 720p | MP4
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Taking Turns
Taking Turns

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