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About our site


OrgasmClips originally came online in 2003 as a paid membership site.  We've now transformed the site into a no-nonsense movie download site with no membership required.  Simply select the movies that you WANT to see, purchase them, and download them instantly to your computer.
We primarily work as a portal for movie "Providers" that sell movie clips through our store.  This makes OrgasmClips even more appealing since our selection is not limited to that of a single pay site!  Sift through the selection of movies from multiple sites and purchase just the ones you want - there is no need to take out multiple memberships from different sites. 
Although OrgasmClips has historically been a real female orgasm centric site, the movies available are being expanded to include EVERYTHING that our provider sites film!  Yes - we're still about everything "genuine" ... but there are a lot of fun and exciting scenes that don't go live on our Provider sites for all sorts of different reasons.  Out takes, back stage, different camera angles, auditions - you name it - we're making them available for anyone and everyone that is interested.
Enjoy the site, enjoy the downloads, and always feel free to contact us whenever you think we can be of any assistance.